Dear friend!

Are you looking for a new, eternal life? Do you want to get to know the one and only true, living God? The ‘New Life’ course will show you the way that can change your life forever!

The ‘New Life’ course was written by my late father Aril Edvardsen in 1970 and has since then been translated into 55 languages. Currently, more than 5.5 million people have successfully completed the course.

The ‘New Life’ course is a private study, giving a basic introduction to the Bible. The course is written in 2 parts and each part has 5 lessons. Every lesson concludes with related questions. At the end of each part we offer a diploma to those who complete the test successfully. 

The first part is for you who want to learn about the one and only true God. The second part is an in- depth study teaching you how to live a new, eternal life.

You do not need any previous knowledge to benefit from this course, so we invite you to get started right away and begin your very own journey to eternal salvation!

God bless you!

Rune Edvardsen
New Life School